Like Superman, Justin Davies leads a double life*: In one, he flies around the world as cabin crew. In the other, he writes middle grade fiction with the aim to make kids laugh. Sometimes the two lives converge; then it gets entertaining.

Justin lives with his husband in the shadow of the Forth Bridge in Fife. He arrived in Scotland via: The South (born in Berkshire/raised in Hampshire); The North (studied in Sheffield); The South (again); with brief, but intriguing, sojourns in France and Spain. Being half Welsh, and married to a Scot, Justin feels quite at home in a land of Celts.

Justin is an active member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and is a network coordinator for the SE Scotland region.

*But he doesn’t wear a superhero cape for either flying or writing. Perhaps he should.

All material and stories © flyingscribbler/Justin Davies

4 comments on “About

  1. Hi Justin,
    I’ve just seen the nice words you left on my piece of flash fiction and I wanted to say thank you, they are very much appreciated…. you are right about the double spacing by the way!
    Best of regards, and best of luck,
    Tony Schumacher

  2. Noticed I haven’t left a comment here at the about section and needed to correct that immediately.

    Your day job seems wonderful, and as I’ve discovered last year/a few weeks ago, I myself really enjoy flying – so that dream of being a stewardess I had for a long time when I was little doesn’t seem too far fetched anymore 😉

    As for writing I can’t but agree – even if no one ends up reading what we write, at least we’re still writing. Because there’s nothing else to better keep me/us writers on the right track of sanity – or prove the lack thereof all at once 😉

  3. Great flash fiction. I really have enjoyed reading your writing. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I think that good work should get some reward. You can see the rules for the award back at my site here http://wp.me/p1VZRr-ey
    Can’t wait to see what you write next.

  4. Matilda Woodhouse says:

    Liked your fiction Wormhole.

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