Everything might not be alright…or then again…

Being in the midst and mire and mystery that is searching for an agent or publisher for my novel, I feel conflicting emotions gnawing away at my edges.
One day, the emotional high of a publisher asking for my complete manuscript.
The next, a corresponding and equalising low when three agent rejections materialise in my inbox. (One during my middle grade crit group meeting which struck me as ironic. Actually, it felt like being struck between the legs.)

I was trying to find a way to explain – to myself as much as anyone else – what these opposing emotions felt like.

Thankfully, because I’m worded out just now, modern art has done the job for me at the Edinburgh Modern Art Gallery.
You don’t even need to enter the building for this lesson in the uncertainty of life where, across the gallery lawn, aphorisms duel:



As with everything in this life, my writing career could, as these neon words suggest, go either way just now.

3 comments on “Everything might not be alright…or then again…

  1. For every setback, I just think “this will make a great anecdote when I’m on Graham Norton’s sofa”. Everything is going to be alright 🙂

  2. Love the phrase ‘worded out’ – and sympathise with the ups and downs. My money’s on persistence, even if the odds aren’t in our favour!

  3. Icy Sedgwick says:

    I’ve seen artwork from that artist before – the words always seem to appear just when you need them!

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