Creativity Update

I’ve been rather quiet here of late. It isn’t that I haven’t been writing; far from it. My creative writing course is providing me with lots of opportunities for that, and we are all working towards an end-of-course piece. Mine is taking shape and is going to take the form of a trilogy (triptych, if you will) of flashes. I’m not particularly happy with progress at the moment, but there is a reason for this. I’ll be blogging about THAT shortly.
Please don’t worry. Flyingscribbler is not unwell.
But that’s all you’re getting. For now, at least.
My writing course was cancelled twice in a row, which rather conveniently coincided with the two sessions I was unable to attend, but I’m keen to get back to it. The last class I went to was all about life writing which I didn’t enjoy half as much as the poetry class. However, I did have the chance to read out the poem I’d been working on throughout the previous week. It was based on a recent trip to Tanzania and took the form of a list poem (which we had discussed in class) similar to Song of Myself by Walt Whitman. We were to use anaphora – a repeated introduction to each line – and try to include grace and musicality in our work. I was quite pleased with my effort and received decent feedback from the class. I thought I might share it with you here.

Feel The Heat

Feel the heat.

Feel the sweat trickling, feel the skin slowly softening.

Feel the heat.

The warmth presses, kisses, wraps you in winter-quilt caresses.

Feel the white-wash glare from slumbering clouds.

Feel the city pulse slow, feel the sun’s burning glow.

Feel the heat.

Seek relief in noon-day shadows with locals who know.

Feel shots of hibiscus blooming blood through leaves.

Feel the afternoon breeze.

Watch seed pods spin from long-fingered clutches.

Hear palm fronds ripple applause.

Feel the marzipan softness of frangipani flowers

beneath your feet.

Feel hearts sing as old friends meet

to knock willow on leather.

Feel the heat.

Now the warm draft of eagle-soaring thermals.

Feel them rise and glide and fall.

Then the first cooling breaths whisper in from the sea.

Feel them calm and balm and soothe.

And the dusky blue pink platinum sky

feels the vibrations of a cow-hide beat from the street.

Feel the heat.

Let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, here’s a writing news update: my story ‘Kid Gloves’ is published today at Please feel free to leave comments and vote. I also made the long list in the micro fiction category of The New Writer annual competition. Whilst it’s a shame not to have gone any further, it beats last year when I made no list at all, long, short or medium. Anyway, I’ll be peddling the story that made the list to plenty more competitions. It’s one I was quite proud of.

2 comments on “Creativity Update

  1. Enjoyed your story on Every Day Fiction today very much. thanks for sharing.

  2. Congrats, that is a great story! I’ll include it in the news for you, for next Tuesday’s NewsFlash on FFDO.

    I really like the poem as well, glad you decided to share 🙂 I think you managed to nicely bring into it all that was asked in your assignment.

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