Plus ca change!

If a change is as good as a rest (and who am I to argue?), then I’ve been terribly greedy. Not only have I had a lengthy rest from my blog, and therefore story posting, but I have also gone for the change option too. Regular, (or at least, previous), visitors here will note a new look to my blog. I’ve had the old one since the beginning and it needed a refresh. There are too many options out there, but I rather liked this one; it focuses on the content and I think it looks terribly grown up. But is it too serious?

I have decided to ditch the picture of the aeroplane wing in the sunset. I love the photo, but it didn’t seem relevant any more.

Also finding its way to the trash can is the Mythical Creatures page. I finished the saga ages ago, and whilst the characters may appear somewhere else one day, it won’t be on this blog. In any case, virtually no-one clicked on the link anyway.

I’ve been finding it hard to keep posting stories on a regular basis. This is due to time constraints as much as anything else. I’m working on a children’s’ novel at the moment as well as writing flash fiction for competition and for submission to journals. The nature of the beast means that I can’t post these here at all, as they immediately become ineligible for use elsewhere. I would love to share them with you all, but that will have to wait until either (a) they are accepted or win something, in which case I will provide a link to where they are featured; or (b) I give up and post them here anyway.

However, my intention is to keep posting flash fiction as often as possible. If nothing else, it will provide a much-needed kick up the proverbial. Oh, and useful writing practise. I may also blog on a more general basis about my efforts to become noticed in the crowded throng of hopeful (desperate) writers who vie for the world’s attention.

So, until my next posting, please let me know what you think of my new look blog. And for a final time, here’s that picture….


2 comments on “Plus ca change!

  1. Denise Sparrowhawk (@DeniseSprrwhwk) says:

    I haven’t visited your blog for a while – am a newish recruit via twitter. It does look very grown up, but not too serious. I am glad you are continuing with it – otherwise I would feel my recent discovery of you had been a complete jinx. A couple of other recently followed blogs seem to have ground to a halt since I showed an interest in them. I’m beginning to feel the stirrings or paranoia…

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