Stickybeak’s Lexicon. My new, (ir)regular, series on words just-discovered.

Welcome to Stickybeak’s Lexicon. Here you will find my (ir)regular scribblings about words newly learnt, phrases freshly heard, and sayings just-acquired.

This is not intended as an all-encompassing dictionary; Samuel Johnson I am not. I simply fancied sharing any intriguing words and phrases with you as I discover them. I might even try using them in my writing; you might like to as well. If you do, let me know; you could even offer up an example of how you might use the word.

This could be fun.

My first offering for your entertainment and (possible) enlightenment comes from this posting’s title:


You will encounter this word under ‘curiosity: desire for knowledge’ in Roget’s Thesaurus. It is wedged between ‘nosey parker’ and ‘busybody’ under the sub-heading ‘enquirer’ .  I’ve never come across the expression before, and I immediately warmed to it. Perhaps it is my enquiring mind that makes me nosy about new words and expressions; I’ll  leave it to my nearest and dearest to decide whether I’m also a busybody, a word which conjures up an image of a house-coated, hair-curlered matriarch from ‘Coronation Street’ circa 1972, as in: “that Ena Sharples-she’s a right stickybeak” . Apologies to American visitors for the shamelessly British reference. I’ll try not to make a habit of it.

Now it’s over to you. Sentences, phrases and one-liners please, to include the word ‘stickybeak’.

3 comments on “Stickybeak’s Lexicon. My new, (ir)regular, series on words just-discovered.

  1. Helen says:

    Stickybeak is an old saying – “look at her stickybeaking up in that window,” said Julie as they walked up the road. ^_^

    I came across a word I didn’t know and fell in love with it . I used it in my fridayflash last week – sedulous – it just rolls off the tongue. “With sedulous care”.

    I shall certainly be checking in here to catch the new words you discover – I need all the words I can gather :o)

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