Flash Fiction is fermenting…..

If you have tuned in for a flash break there is one just begining to form in my mind, but as I’ve been up for over 24 hours I have decided, for the sake of my sanity and your entertainment, to write it tomorrow. I’m sure many artists/writers do some of their most inspired work in a state of sleep deprivation; as i’m not sure that i am either yet, i prefer to claw back some sleep before attempting to be creative. (I intend to be creative with the microwave shortly-this could be interesting as everything in the freezer is covered with a glitzty layer of frost-what will it be? The excitement is underwhelming me completely.).

I might have to dig deep to find a story from Calgary though as I didn’t really get up to much. It will probably be based on my trip to the Glenbow Museum to see the utterly fantastic Fernando Botero exhibition. Apart from his great paintings and sculptures, the


most incredible thing was the total absence of anyone else in the gallery. Ok, it was monday, but had it been London, NYC or Paris, it would have been virtually impossible to see the paintings, and that is saying something given the huge proportions of both the exhibits and subjects! So, rush, (dare I say stampede?), to Calgary immediately for your Fernando Fix.

Finally, before the jet lag stops lagging and catches up, (and yes, the professionals suffer too), I must apologise to the lovely passenger on my flight back today who I quite shamelessly promoted my blog to. It was the last thing you wanted to hear, probably. There is nothing more unattractive than a tired steward pretending to be clever. So, to the woman from 39A, English teacher from North London, I am sorry. Although if you are reading this, my fly-by promotion worked. Hurrah! Hope it was worth it.

I’ll be flashing again tomorrow…..

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