Castle in the Clouds – a new flash fiction story.

Returning from Uganda on Wednesday, I didn’t have time to write a story based on my trip (and still haven’t), before dashing up to Scotland to celebrate A’s birthday with his family.

Fearful of disappointing anyone, (myself actually), here is a story based on this trip to the Fife coast. Uganda inspired tale to follow…

Castle in the Clouds

The castle seemed to float between the clouds and the shore, shimmering mirage-like upon the glistening sand.  Surveying their kingdom for the first time from this vantage point, the royal couple finally appreciated their achievement.

‘It’s amazing, isn’t it?’ whispered the King.

‘Beautiful,’ answered his Queen.

Linking hands in a reassuring gesture of kinship, they continued to take in the scene.

As the evening sun continued to fall away into the ocean, the castle walls became framed in a golden halo, reflected in the moat wrapping itself around the castle like a jewelled ribbon.

The Queen sighed.

‘It won’t be long now,’ she said.

‘Can’t we do anything to stop it?’ asked the King, forlornly.

The Queen quietly shook her head.

‘It’s too late,’ she replied gently, ‘look.’

The King followed her gaze beyond the castle, out to where the waves were breaking against dark rocks.

‘I don’t think it’s coming any closer,’ he said, bravely.

‘Of course it is,’ snapped the Queen, ‘it always does.’

They watched silently for a few minutes until there could be no doubt.

Once released, the deluge gathered momentum, pounding back and forth up the beach, ever closer to the towering outer walls of the castle.

Finally, inevitably, the waves breached the moat, flooding it with cold, dark water; as the first tower collapsed, a single tear fell from the King’s eye.

‘That was the best castle we ever built,’ he sniffed.

‘I know,’ said the Queen, ‘but tomorrow’s will be even better.’

Copyright: flyingscribbler. 2010.

Whilst in Fife, we built the best sand castle I have ever been involved with, following a design offered by our niece and nephews. Ours, like the King and Queen’s, is now consigned to the waves.

One comment on “Castle in the Clouds – a new flash fiction story.

  1. segmation says:

    I wonder if there are Sand Castles in Uganda? Have you had a chance yet to start building your sand castle? Here’s my blog that I think you will find interesting: Thanks for allowing my comment.

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