Just getting started

So, I have begun to work my way round this blogging site, which hasn’t been obviously easy. I seem to have spent more time working out how to tag and make categories than anything else, i.e. writing. I’ll become more proficient in good time.

And talking of getting started, I have only recently started to be serious about writing. This year at any rate. Well, that’s not strictly true-I once completed an online creative writing course, but then i stalled for a few years, until now.

My phoenix rose from the dusty ring binder this winter when I spotted a short story competition on the Writers and Artists Yearbook website. I had two days to write a story, which I did. It was shortlisted,  (to my utter delight). This provided the impetus I needed to carry on and since then I have entered more competitions and attempted to enter the mysterious world of writing for, and let’s whisper it, Womens’ Magazines. So far, I have had no success, but certainly know what they are not looking for. I think it is the challenge of writing in a particular style for a very particular market which intrigues me. My current ambition, (well, one of them at least), is to sell a story to The Peoples’ Friend Magazine. Just because I want to. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Meanwhile, I am also writing more serious stories, which I am entering in various competitions. I had no idea there were so many of these. It’s a whole new world of which I knew nothing. Should I post some of these here? Maybe i will if anyone begins to read my blog.

My latest story was a piece of flash fiction. My first foray into the genre. 250 words. I’m entering it into something called the Three Lochs Festival.  I love entering these competitions, it is like entering a lottery or waiting for your premium bonds to come up!

Oh, and I fly for a living. Not at the front end. This might form part of this blog, as inspiration or as a theme. We’ll see.

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